Geraldo Rivera Needs To Soothe Trump’s Emotions By Naming Vaccine After Him

Geraldo Rivera undoubtedly has his priorities ― and apparently the large one is soothing Donald Trump’s harm emotions.

People are coping with Trump presumably forcing the nation right into a constitutional disaster, however Rivera appears extra involved with serving to the president out of the funk that seems to have began after it grew to become apparent that he wasn’t releected.

So earlier this week, Rivera floated a trial balloon on Twitter suggesting People honor Trump by referring to the primary COVID-19 vaccine that makes it to market as “the Trump.”

Rivera thinks naming the vaccine after Trump would heal a divided nation whose division was exacerbated by the president.

Trump would most likely associate with it: He’s already taking credit score for the speedy growth of a number of vaccines whereas ignoring the deaths or greater than 250,000 People from the pandemic.

Rivera tried to pitch the concept to “Fox & Buddies” on Friday morning.

“It could be a pleasant gesture to him, and years from now it could change into type of a generic title. Have you ever acquired your Trump but? I acquired my Trump; I’m advantageous. I want we might honor him in that method.”

However many Twitter customers shot down the concept of naming the vaccine after the president.

Some have been towards it for causes of hypocrisy, because the Pfizer vaccine was developed partially by Muslim immigrants.

Others thought Trump was extra of a virus than a treatment.

Some individuals sensed branding points ought to Rivera’s suggestion really be adopted.

One man had an answer that he thought would please everybody: Naming it the “Trump Virus Vaccine.”

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