Raises $1.5M To Develop Script to Video Model For Personalized Sales Pitches

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Bangalore-based has an ambitious vision for reshaping how films and videos are made.

CEO Ashray Malhotra laid it out for me yesterday, announcing that his co-founder Nisheeth Lahoti “came up with this idea — he desires to construct an engine that can take any script as input and create a expert video,” no filming required.

But is beginning with what Malhotra stated is a more “short-term, monetizable” goal: Offering technological know-how that makes it convenient to create customized sales videos.

The startup used to be part of the Techstars Bangalore program in 2019 and is asserting today that it has raised $1.5 million in seed funding led by way of Lightspeed Venture Partners and AV8 Ventures.

Malhotra verified the technology for me, showing me how a salesperson can pick a model, a history and a voice, and enter textual content that the model will recite. They can then export that video for use in a range of income tools.

This is treasured for, he said, due to the fact sending customized video messages in sales emails can lead to “an insane increase” in clickthrough rates. But developing all these movies can be a large chore, if not downright impossible.

And whilst there are masses of different startups working on artificial media, Malhotra stated is set aside by using the 18 months the group spent growing technology that can take 10 minutes of pictures and “predict how the lip actions of the character would have been if you’d shot them [saying any phrase] in an real studio.”

Personally, I was impressed by the lip actions however disconcerted via the reality that clients can pair any model with any voice, leading to some odd mixtures that sense more like badly dubbed film than an advantageous sales pitch.

When I brought this up, Malhotra answered that some consumers will prefer to take the time “perfecting it out, discovering the proper voices, the proper costumes, the proper persona of the actors,” whilst different purchasers may be fine spending much less time to create some thing a little less convincing.

It’s additionally well worth noting that has various policies designed to stop the advent of misleading deepfakes: Presenters can manage who has the authority to create movies using their faces, the platform is solely open to approved companies and videos are created from scratch, as a substitute than transferring someone’s face onto an existing person.

Malhotra stated is presently speaking to a range of viable customers, however these discussions are in early stages. He additionally advised that the technology ought to extend pretty rapidly into areas like chatbots and education.

“I suppose it’s going to open a entire new world of creativity,” he said. “When you and I choose to express something, we’re most possibly to write a textual content document, however as a viewer, we favor to see a video. They’ve been disconnected due to the fact video creation is truly difficult.”

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